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Spring is in the air, and maybe there was even a spring in the step when the latest phase of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown was triggered on Monday 12th April.

The long awaited freedom to get a haircut and do some non-essential retail therapy saw excited shoppers queuing (socially distanced) while the hardiest of pub goers embraced and celebrated their emancipation with a cold pint of lager, sat outside their local, sheltering where they could from a cutting breeze in eight degrees centigrade.

We won’t miss the boredom, but one bi-product of lockdown has been a shift towards a greener way of living, less driving, certainly less flying, though the reduction in our carbon footprint by working at home has been partially offset by spiralling domestic heating bills!

Here at Enerlytic we’ve been busy working on our platforms which will help businesses to manage their energy consumption, in an ever changing world, with the help of an informative energy platform at your fingertips. Following the February launch of our opening platform, Freemium the second of our platforms, Advanced Reporting & Analytics is in the final stages of development and scheduled to go live in May.

Our analytics software allows users to derive actionable insights from their laptop or mobile device, and the first of three platforms, Freemium, provides a cost and consumption tracker, a comparison tool and online support, completely free of charge.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics is designed to give more insight and rich analysis to you, our customers, enabling a deeper understanding of your consumption profile; making it easier to control your energy budget and reduce your carbon footprint.

The AR&A platform will provide consumption data interrogation to analyse patterns, anomalies and trends, a live budgeting tool and a risk management tool, and it will keep you informed with the very latest regulatory and market news, with 24 hour online support.

To calculate costs please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform

Happy Earth Day on 22nd April

Since 1970 the environmentally conscious pioneers have been battling climate change, and momentum has gathered year on year. Many big environmental events have happened on Earth Day, 22nd April, including the signing of the Paris Agreement.

So it’s fitting in a year when the USA is rejoining the agreement that the Joe Biden administration has decided to convene its global climate summit on the 22nd.

Earthday.org is holding its second Earth Day Live digital event at 12pm Eastern Time on the 22nd April, but before that a Youth Climate Summit will be led by Earth Uprising on the 20th and a multilingual virtual summit, ‘Teach for the Planet’ will span several time zones on the 21st.

Enerlytic is proud to partner Make UK

The Manufacturers Organisation, Make UK, celebrates and supports British manufacturing and manufacturers nationwide. Make UK is at the cutting edge of innovation, leading the way in developing skills and driving competitive advantage for the UK.

We look forward to working with Make UK as we aim to support the drive towards green energy consumption throughout industry and for our clients.

Our Carbon Report can help with disclosure

Work is nearing completion on Enerlytic’s Carbon Report which is designed to support clients with the upcoming mandatory carbon reporting requirements.

Back in November 2020 Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced his plan for the UK to become the first country in the world to make Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) aligned disclosures mandatory for big business. In March the UK launched a public consultation on the proposal to require big companies to disclose the risks they face, as soon as 2022. This will make the UK the first major economy to make such disclosures mandatory.

Understanding and analysing your energy consumption data will not only reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save your business money; very soon it will also help you to disclose the accurate and meaningful data required by the new legislation. And the new rules will also affect a company’s supply chain. A recent analysis at BT revealed that two thirds of the business’ carbon footprint was produced by its supply chain.

Improving our sustainability credentials is a shared responsibility, and companies which can collect real energy consumption data from its supply chain can help partners to manage their consumption more effectively.

If you want to discuss the latest developments in climate-related financial disclosure, or the process of understanding and analysing your energy usage please contact us here at:

[email protected]

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