Advanced Reporting and Analytics is live!

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The second of our platforms, Advanced Reporting & Analytics has gone live and is ready for clients and partners to use.

Following on from the launch of Freemium, our cost and consumption tracker, the second platform is designed to give more insight and rich analysis to our customers; making it easier to control energy budgets and reduce their carbon footprint.

The AR&A platform provides consumption data interrogation to analyse patterns, anomalies and trends, a live budgeting tool and a risk management tool, and it will keep clients informed with the very latest regulatory and market news, with 24 hour online support.

To calculate costs for Analytics please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform


Back in February we launched Freemium, and both our first two platforms help users to easily derive actionable insights from their laptop or mobile device. As well as its cost and consumption tracker, Freemium offers a comparison tool and online support, completely free of charge.

To book a free demo of Freemium please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform

Two down, two to go!

The next two of our platforms are in early stage and are on track to be launched in the second half of 2021. Our Intelligent Trading Platform will facilitate the integration of renewable technologies, intelligently switch between renewables, battery and grid; and provide grid balancing schemes.

And in response to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s pledge for the UK to become the first country in the world to make Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) aligned disclosures mandatory for big business, we are developing a Carbon Reporting and Monitoring platform. This will be integrated with our Advanced Analytics platform but will also devise carbon target and performance metrics to help businesses comply with, and benefit from, the upcoming reporting changes.

Financial disclosures are currently voluntary, but under the TCFD’s recommendations, companies will be required to disclose the actual and potential impacts of climate change on their business, as well as how they manage the risks. This is potentially a seismic advance towards the global climate change standards that UK business is aspiring to.

The information which directors collect through complying with TCFD will help them to identify risks and opportunities, making it easier for businesses to manage and reduce their carbon emission.

Follow the link to register your interest in Carbon Monitoring

Festival Net Zero

The country is opening up, slowly but surely, and next Tuesday, June 22nd, Future Net Zero, the organisation which helps businesses to set targets to reach net zero, are hosting the Festival Net Zero at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The Festival is open for visitors in person as well as virtual and is a great chance for businesses to network, while listening to key note speeches from Alan Rance, managing director of Midas Pattern Company, the Carbon Net Zero precision moulding company, and a ministerial address, where organisers have teed up Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng.

Future Net Zero will be launching their Big Zero report and hold debate sessions with partners to discuss subjects key to the UK’s net zero ambitions.

It’s well worth a visit, virtual or physical.

Driving towards a greener land

Our partners at Electra Commercial Vehicles’ vision, to provide commercial vehicle operators a zero emission solution, is gaining traction, as the corporate world is following the environmentally aware driver into the Electric Vehicles (EV) market.

Electra brings world class technology to the commercial vehicle market, converting low entry chassis to 100 per cent electric, and the minimal impact of vehicles on the environment will help to keep the economy running, while the trend towards EV usage is heading the right way.

Recent research by Nissan has found that EV owners are driving further than their gas guzzling counterparts. The data, drawn from 7,000 respondents, tells us European EV drivers are clocking up 8,800 miles a year, compared to 8,450 miles covered by internal combustion engine cars.

And now, Vodafone plans to eliminate carbon emissions from its entire UK operations by 2027, as part of a set of commitments which include investing in EVs. The tech giant has committed to reducing its global emissions by 2040, but in the UK 13 years earlier.

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